O2 Therapy: Total hair beauty

oxygen for your hair



Oxygen therapy is the latest revolution in medicine and aesthetics worldwide

Coquette incorporates OXYGENO THERAPY into hair care.



It is a functional molecule that acts like hemoglobin, capturing oxygen.
When it reaches the interior of the epidermis it is reduced releasing oxygen.


POWER AND COMPLEMENTS the active principles and their effects (Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin).

STIMULATES THE PRODUCTION of NATURAL COLLAGEN, strengthening both the new hair and the capillary mass,
improving the elasticity and nutrition of the scalp.

EFFECTIVELY TRANSPORTS the rest of the active principles inside the stem, the follicle and the skin.

REACTIVATES THE peripheral MICROCIRCULATION and its beneficial effects on skin and bulb.



Sealed cuticle, “lifting effect”
Shiny, supple and hydrated hair
Capillary filling effect, increase hair mass
Frizz control
Ease of combing
Enhances colors giving them life and luminosity
UV filters, less color loss
Minimizes and prevents breakage and double ends


Enhances hair regeneration
Provides oxygenation and nutrition
Stimulates hair growth
Healthier and more resistant hair


Relaxes, softens and nourishes the skin
Stimulates cell regeneration
Provides and generates natural collagen
Regulates dry and dehydrated scalps
Eliminate or minimize problems such as itching and stinging, peeling and other conditions.
Stimulates hair growth.



Repairs hair in depth, progressively and cumulatively.
They stimulate the production of collagen and natural elastin.
Real Effect BOTOX and LIFFTING Capillary


It enhances the active principles, conveys them gently and precisely to the most internal parts of the hair and hair bulb.
The high concentration and variety of active ingredients make O2 Therapy the exclusive and definitive treatment for your hair.
With successive applications and maintenance of the O2 Therapy line, your hair will obtain a deep and spectacular transformation.
Visible and immediate results
From the first application your hair will notice an intense improvement


The Shock Treatment in the salon, 1 to 3 sessions are recommended. Repeat when the hair needs it.
Maintenance: Maintenance with Nutritional Shampoo and Fluid Mask Complex 1 or 2 times a week.


Intensive deep hair regeneration treatment.

* Nutrition and advanced cosmetic properties.

* Extreme hydration of the hair fiber

* Provides essential cosmetic principles for intense and prolonged regeneration.

1-NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor): it is composed of essential free amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals such as Na, K, Ca, Mg, urea, lactates, citrates and phosphates.

2-Sodium PCA: Moisturizing agent that retains the surface water of the hair

3-GLX Complex: mixture of natural hydroxy acids, lactic (milk origin), malic (apple origin),

acetic, glycolic and oxoacetic (grape origin). This complex reactivates the hair’s natural keratin fiber.


Special emulsion for the mouse:

It is mixed with Intensive extract-3. It is a formulation that nourishes the hair and helps by transporting oxygen inside the bulb and the hair fiber.

1-Dairy proteins: with amino acids, peptides and the natural calcium of casein. Amino acids and

peptides provide high nutrition. Organic Calcium

it unites the keratin and collagen networks present in the fiber and hair bulb. Produces an anti-aging effect on the hair.

2-Methyopeptide: functional molecule that acts like hemoglobin, capturing oxygen and

transporting it to the interior of the fiber and the bulb. Activates cell metabolism.

It bonds and maintains the natural collagen and keratin networks.

INTENSIVE EXTRACT (200ml / 1.000ml)

Concentrate of active ingredients regenerating the fiber, hair bulb and scalp.

Capillary filling effect, lifting, increase and reconstruction of hair fiber and mass. Soothing for sensitive skin.

1-Hyaluronic acid: bio-polymer of natural origin

Provides consistency, continuous hydration, fills in the natural keratin and collagen networks present in the hair fiber and in the dermis of the scalp.

2-Collagen: natural macro-protein is responsible for the natural consistency of the epidermis and the keratin of the hair.

3-Elastin: natural macro-protein responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and hair fiber.

4-Methiopetido: functional molecule.

-Nutrition and hydration of the hair fiber.

-Deep regeneration of the hair structure.

NUTRITIONAL SHAMPOO (300ml / 1.000ml)

Latest generation treatment shampoo, with sodium hyaluronate macropolymer that sheathes the hair.

It maintains and preserves O2 Therapy, BTX and Keratin treatments with its use.

1-Composed of light tensile actives: they respect the acid mantle of the epidermis and hair.

2-Contains hyaluronic acid: combined with polyquaterniums that deposit a flexible and protective film on the hair.

3-Elastin: natural macro-protein responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and hair fiber.

-Rebalance the pH and natural acid mantle of the hair.

-Flexible fiber protection.
-Provides elasticity.
-Makes styling easier.

FLUID MASK COMPLEX (300ml / 1.000ml)

Hair recovery treatment that acts intensely and progressively as a hair regenerator.

maintenance of Shock O2 Therapy treatment and other treatments such as btx, keratins and post-technical work.

1-Phyto-oils: complex of natural origin formed by the mixture of jojoba, rosehip and wheat germ oils, which nourish and hydrate in depth thanks to their high concentration of fatty acids


3-Hyaluronic acid: biopolymer of natural origin provides consistency, continuous hydration and fills in the natural keratin and collagen networks present in the fiber and in the dermis.

4-Elastin: natural macro-protein responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and hair fiber.

5-Collagen: natural macro-protein responsible for the natural consistency of the epidermis and keratin

hair related.




If the hair is frayed, porous or lifeless, it recovers an exceptional shine and touch, without frizz from the FIRST APPLICATION.
Increase in hair mass
Stronger and more resistant hair
Longer hairstyle
Treats the stem + Scalp + Bulb
Weak hair strengthening

Concentrates the three active products of the treatment

Reduces application time,

Reduces product cost per application

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