Where can I buy EVOLUTION K?

You can acquire it only if you are professional, in your Coquette Professional distributor

If there is NO distributor in your area or you wish to become a distributor, fill in the contact form

Can I do EVOLUTION K in a dyed hair and / or with highlights?

Yes, to take into account:

On strained, discolored or highly sensitized hair, use temperatures 180 / 190º and faster passes.
Apply Thermal Protect over more sensitive areas and tips. On extremely damaged hair, we recommend applying (with rinsing) Intensive Mask Anti Age before and before the application of Treatment 2nd and smoothing process.

Can EVOLUTION K and color treatments be done the same day?

Yes, to take into account:

Color: we recommend doing the treatment before the color, or after a week of color.
Wicks / discoloration: We recommend first doing the wicks / discoloration, then the EVOLUTION K treatments, and then the nuance.

Advice: in discolorations after the rinsing of tones, perform a reconstruction with Treatment 2B, and later nuance, the hair will look great.

Can I do EVOLUTION K to a permanent hair?

Yes, to take into account:

It will evolve differently depending on the permanent performed, we recommend to make a quick test on a strand and proceed according to the result. As a rule, it will be satisfactory.

Can I do EVOLUTION K to a hair with classic straightening?

Yes, to take into account:

The hair needs a more perfect straightening, it will win in smoothing and asanas and shiny. Use Complete Treatment (2A and later 2B)
If you need only a healthier and brighter look, use Treatment 2B (capillary reconstruction)

How often can the treatment be repeated?

When the client requests it for aesthetics, there is no problem

In repetitions is applied only in the root all the hair?

We will apply it in all its length, in the ironing we will insist more on the flood.

Can I do EVOLUTION to an afro hair?

Yes, to take into account:

As hair is more difficult, apply with totally dry hair, leave a few minutes more exposure and above all iron with very fine wicks, use 230º, and insist with the iron (7 to 10 passes)

Can I do EVOLUTION K to remove the frizz?

Yes, to take into account:

We will use ¼ of 2A + ¾ of 2B
We will apply on washed hair with Purifying Shampoo
We will apply the mixture, 10min. of pose and intense rinsing
Dry with brushing insisting with heat

Should we clarify the treatment in depth?

Yes. At the end of the treatments, it is necessary to clarify in depth.

Do you always end up activating the Treatment 2B with combing heat with brushing?

Yes. Tretament 2B is not a mask, it is part of the treatment and must be activated with intense heat.

By not doing so, we will not have finished the entire treatment.

EVOLUTION K is a keratin?

The concept of keratin is associated with the first progressive smoothing and with ingredients such as formaldehyde.

EVOLUTON K like other brands free of formaldehyde, perform a similar work of smoothing but based on other ingredients that are totally allowed (A. Hyaluronic, Tannins, Hydroxy Acids, and in the case of EVOLUTION K Marine Collagen and Fluid Keratin)

Therefore, we can say that EVOLUTION K, is an organic smoothing, progressive and capillary reconstruction, based on cell alignment.

Is there a difference of smooth with the old formalin keratins?

Yes. The smooth of the k. with formaldehyde they had a totally limp fall and difficult to shape. The smooth EVOLUTION is more natural (similar to brushing) more natural and with movement, easy to shape and adapt different hairstyles.

How much time will I use in the different EVOLUTION K treatments?

Depends on hair length and amount / thickness and porosity thereof

Progressive smoothing: from 2 to 3 hours
Reduction of the curl from 10 to 40%: As a classic drying and mask application
Hair reconstruction: As a classic drying and mask application

How much product is used in an EVOLUTION K smoothing?

It depends on the length of hair and amount / thickness and porosity of it. On average we can assess it between 60/70 grams.

When can my client wash my hair?

You can wash when you want without any type of conditioner.

Does the client have to have any special maintenance?

Yes. You have to use Intensive Shampoo and Mask Anti Age, which provide marine Collagen, A. Hyaluronic and Fluid Keratin that will keep the treatment in the best conditions.

Is the use of unsalted products necessary in maintenance?

No. This concept comes from the old formalin treatments, since they were affected by the use of salt.

EVOLUTION K works with Collagen, A. Hyaluronic, Tannins, so maintenance is based on these same ingredients.

Is subsequent drying with heat necessary to obtain the best results from the smooth treatment?

Yes. With the heat, the new protein bonds generated reach their optimum point and achieve the desired smoothing.

In wet in some cases you can see a gesture of the hair, which with the heat is transformed into smooth brushing effect, hair with movement and natural smooth.

What price can I charge for each EVOLUTION K service?

Prices will vary depending on the length and amount of hair, also the location of the room will determine that price.

To bear in mind that EVOLUTION K with its very tight prices, will represent the lowest incidence in the cost, being our time which must be valued mainly.

EVOLUTION K is an ORGANIC product?


Do I need to do an allergy or sensitivity test?

Evolution does not present problems of allergy or sensitivity

In people who are very sensitive and / or prone to allergies, we recommend doing a test to prevent possible sensitivities. (Proceed by impregnating the inner part of the elbow and the back of the ear with the product, wait 12 hours and if reactions such as redness or other symptoms are observed, DO NOT apply the treatment)

Can I make an evolution K product in pregnant women?

Evolution K does not contain ingredients that recommend its contraindication, however, we RECOMMEND that the client be informed of the ingredients (including back packings) and ask her doctor for her opinion and acceptance. With the acceptance we can do it with guarantees.

Can I apply it to minors?

Evolution K does not contain ingredients that recommend its contraindication, but WE DISAGREE, as it is a long process and given the restless and impatient nature at these ages and that we work with high temperature iron near the scalp, ears and skin MAY BE counterproductive.

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